Capcom predicts year on year decline

Written by Joe Martin

December 24, 2009 | 10:05

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Capcom has announced a sudden, last-minute delay of all four key titles it has lined up for next year - namely Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Monster Hunter Tri and Dead Rising 2.

As a result of the delays Capcom has also adjusted financial forecasts from a predicted profit growth of 5.4 percent ($93.06 million USD) to a massive 75.2 percent year-on-year decline ($21.9 million USD), according to Gamasutra.

The news came in a sudden statement today which announced the move of Monster Hunter Tri and Super Street Fighter IV in North America and Europe to a post April 2010 release, which is when Capcom's fiscal year begins.

Dead Rising 2 has been delayed too and, while Capcom wouldn't give any real details it did say that all titles mentioned would be spread over all four quarters of the next fiscal year. Again, since Capcom's fiscal year begins in April, that means that at least one of the games won't be released until early 2011.

Capcom also announced that it will lose $49.27 million USD on "restructuring" in the start of 2010, which Gamasutra explains as due to the declining pachinko business in Japan.

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