Adult movies coming to PS3?

Written by Joe Martin

September 11, 2009 | 14:18

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Vivid Entertainment, the largest adult movie production company in the world, is apparently trying to persuade Sony to let them put adult movies up on the PlayStation Network.

Speaking to Kotaku, Vivid boss Steve Hirsch said that he would be very interested in getting adult content on the PlayStation 3 - but would consider using the Xbox 360 if Sony could not be bought around to the idea.

Hirsch apparently doesn't think it'll be that hard a battle either, pointing out that Sony now allows adult movies to be released on Blu-Ray despite some initial reluctance and that HD-smut is now available over PSN in Japan through content provider DDM.TV.

Building a strong age verification system into PSN would obviously be critical, but Hirsch reckons that as long as Sony has a verification protocol that it is confident with then there should be no problem bringing HD adult content to the PlayStation 3.

"They had made it clear in the past they were not interested," Hirsch said. "Now that they have agreed to in some way allow adult films on the Japanese platform we are going to move forward and make a formal request."

Hirsch seems to put a lot in the idea/threat that, should Sony turn the idea down, then he could maybe get the content on the Xbox 360 instead. He claims he isn't considering the Nintendo Wii at this point, as the audience seems a bit too young.

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