Play real-life Pac-Man

Written by Joe Martin

October 16, 2007 | 10:54

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If you're in Birmingham this week then you'll have the chance to get involved in a rather interesting take on an old game. The Plus International Design Festival, which is running from the 17th to the 21st of October, is letting groups of people loose into a specially built maze system for life-size games of Pac-Man.

The game will see one person taking the role of the iconic, ball-shaped hero as he is guided around by Player One. Player One has a birds eye view of the maze and can communicate via radio with Pac-Man, who can only respond by saying "wacacacaca" over and over.

Two other players will take the roles of Ghosts and are controlled by Player Two, who also has a birds-eye view and a radio. The idea is then for Player Two to corner and grab (not devour) Pac-Man using the two Ghosts under his control. Player One meanwhile has to survive for as long as possible and can find Power Pills to turn the tables on the Ghosts.

The event will be running for the whole festival, with games taking place as soon as enough players are signed up and with a typical length of ten minutes, though there's deliberately no set time limit. All you have to do is turn up with some friends and allow yourself to be let loose in the specially built maze.

Meta-games like this are getting fairly common now, with blogs like WeMakeMoneyNotArt featuring a nice selection of the more artistic and inventive games.

Still, if you're looking for some friends to go get your game on with then why not pop into the forums and put a group together?
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