The Phantom disappears

Written by Tim Smalley

May 23, 2005 | 12:21

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In recent months, we have not heard a great deal from Infinium Labs regarding its upcoming Phantom gaming console that is supposed to revolutionise gaming consoles with its on demand video game service.

The Phantom was nowhere to be seen at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) according to an article on CNN.

Infinium Labs spent thousands, if not millions, on their booth at last year's E3 show in an attempt to put a stop to the increasing speculation surrounding the existance of both the service, and the console powering it.

To some extent it worked, but speculations continued to rise when our friends at HardOCP got their hands on a 1st Generation Phantom Console, and subsequently ripped it to shreds.

Then came the end of the infamous lawsuit between HardOCP and Infinium Labs, which ended with HardOCP claiming a win just after the New Year. Five months later, there's no sign of the Phantom at the World's largest gaming festival, and the future of the non-existent console is in more doubt than it ever was, if that is actually possible.

According to the article on CNN, a report was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the 20th April, where Infinium Labs stated, "The company believes, based on past performance, that there is a high likelihood that sufficient capital will not be available," before going on to say that if the funding does not materialise, the company will go out of business.

It remains to be seen whether the console will ever make an appearance, but I'm willing to eat my shorts if it ever does launch.

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