Peter Molyneux says RPG games are rubbish

Written by Joe Martin

August 8, 2007 | 10:54

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Peter Molyneux is a man who knows how to smack-talk. Hell, he’s a man who knows how to talk full stop and the legendary designer, who is occasionally pointed to as one of the last great UK developers, has a history of making grandiose promises about his games. Promises he mostly can’t live up to.

Of course, that’s not a bad thing – the man obviously has a boundless passion and enthusiasm for his games and the fact that resources occasionally hold him back is inevitable. Still, he may have gone a bit too far recently.

In a recent interview, Molyneux attacked the entire RPG genre when talking about the controversial new one-button combat in Fable 2, his latest game.

Combat in Fable 2 will involve only a single button – no directions, no mouse, no nothing. The button is context-sensitive and responds only to the timing of the button presses. A well timed press will smash an opponent into a wall and another press will follow up with a sword slash, a second later and the same sequence may cause the character to stumble and fall over.

“It's amazing for a role playing game, because most role playing games are shit! Oblivion was a great game, but the combat was rubbish; we all talked about it being rubbish. So imagine you had a great role-playing game and really, really good combat system.”

Hm. We’d like to see you say that to the face of either Bethesda or Bioware, eh Peter?

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