Nvidia: Without TWIMTBP, PC gaming would be dead

Written by Tim Smalley

October 3, 2009 | 03:51

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Ashu Rege, the Director of Nvidia's developer tech team, said that without the work of his team, PC gaming would continue to decline until it eventually dies.

Rege's team supports developers as part of the company's The Way It's Meant To Be Played program and has come under continued criticism from AMD.

Clearly angered by this, he explained that there are over 50 engineers in his team who work "damn hard" around the clock with developers to make PC games better.

"If we hadn't done anything with Batman, for example, what we would have had is the continuing end of PC gaming," he said. "Let's be honest, developers love PCs and they love developing on PCs, but the reality is that the consoles are where the bread is buttered. It's where the money is made.

"If we didn't do all of this work with developers to help them improve their games on the PC side, most games would be straight ports from Xbox 360 or PS3 and with no differentiation whatsoever. Add that to the fact that PCs are, let's be honest, a little more challenging to get to grips with for the casual gamer, more and more people are just going to migrate to consoles and kill PC gaming."

He later pointed out that his team makes no money and the group's whole mission is to make PC games better. "It's an enormous investment for Nvidia, there's no doubt about that," added Tony Tamasi, head of content and technology at Nvidia. When asked, neither Tamasi nor Rege would confirm how much money was spent on DevTech each year, but we've heard that it's between 50 and 100 million dollars a year. That's a lot of money.

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