Windows 7 64-bit most used OS

Written by Joe Martin

August 4, 2010 | 13:51

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The 64-bit version of Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 7, has become the most popular operating system of choice for gamers, according to Valve's new hardware survey.

The Steam hardware survey allows Steam users to contribute their system details to Valve, allowing the company to monitor changes in the market and develop games for the right hardware. Valve also makes the info available online, for free.

Microsoft's latest operating system has enjoyed a 3.67 per cent increase in popularity since last month, while the nearest competitor has dropped by 2.82 per cent, making 64-bit Windows 7 the most popular OS overall with a 30.32 per cent market share.

Windows XP 32-bit remains in a close second place, with 30.17 per cent, while Vista 32-bit lags behind with 13.92 per cent.

Other notable figures point to Nvidia as dominating the graphics market, holding 59.11 per cent compared to ATI's 32.98 percent and Intel's 6.22 per cent. That said, the most popular single card is the ATI Radeon HD 4800.

The most popular primary resolution is 1680x1050, while most users have 512MB of VRAM and 3GB of system RAM.

The most popular language for Steam users is still English (60.22 per cent), followed by German (8.43 per cent).

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