Ubisoft working on 'permanent solution' to The Division woes

May 4, 2016 | 15:36

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Ubisoft is continuing to fight technical problems with Tom Clancy's The Division, its latest release and a major new IP for the company, promising players that investigations are in progress for the games various problems.

Those picking up a copy of military-themed MMO-light The Division have been beset by technical problems, many of which appear to be related to the underlying server platform rather than client-side code. One particularly thorny problem has resulted in players missing out on daily and weekly missions, which are supposed to add new challenges to the game every day, and while Ubisoft has released numerous fixes few seem to have had any impact on the reliability of the system.

In a message on the game's official Twitter account, Ubisoft confirmed that daily missions are still proving problematical. 'We are aware that Daily Missions are missing once again today,' the message read. 'A permanent solution to this recurring problem is being looked into.'

While daily missions are the most commonly-encountered problem in the game, the company is also investigating a similar problem whereby weekly missions appear but fail to give users completing them the promised reward. Since posting a support thread late yesterday, the company has gathered dozens of responses from users complaining that they're being cheated out of their just rewards - an annoyance in any game, but a critical problem in the MMO-light structure of The Division.

Other oft-reported issues with the game include graphical glitches, errors connecting to the Ubisoft servers, crashes, missing items, player characters dropping through the scenery and even out of the bottom of the map, and griefers taking advantage of bugs in the system to make life even more miserable for players who have actually managed to get the game up and running.

Ubisoft has not provided a timescale for patches to fix the game's various outstanding problems.
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