Switzerland to ban violent games?

Written by Joe Martin

March 23, 2010 | 12:38

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The Swiss parliament has reportedly passed a law to ban any violent videogames from going on sale within the country, with further proposals in the pipeline which could see all first-person shooters for adults being banned specifically.

Specifically the law calls for a ban on any videogame which "requires cruel acts of violence against humans and human-like creatures for in-game success", according to GI.biz.

The new law was initially put forward last month and has just been passed into law, though the government is still in the process of deciding the specifics of how the law will operate and what exactly will and won't be allowed. You'd think they'd establish that before that passed the motion though...

While the government is still deciding the specifics terminology and text of the new law though, the Swiss people have a chance to challenge it - provided they can prove enough opposition.

Further motions currently being put forward by other political groups include the Christian Democratic Party's call for a ban of all first-person shooters rated by PEGI as only being suitable for 16+ audiences.

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