Stormrise is Vista, DirectX 10 only

Written by Joe Martin

March 5, 2009 | 11:12

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Sega has confirmed that the new real-time strategy game from Total War developers Creative Assembly will require both Windows Vista and DirectX 10 hardware on the PC.

Stormrise will also ship on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, where it'll obviously not have such requirements, but the PC version has apparently been built with DX10 in mind from the start.

"DX10 has offered a lot of advantages over DX9," said lead designer Artem Kulakov in an interview with PC Games Hardware.

"First of all, DirectX 10 allowed us to simplify the rendering engine. It matches capabilities of next generation consoles better than DX9, which is important for us considering that Stormrise is a multi-platform title. We had fewer driver-specific compatibility issues with Stormrise compare to our previous games released with DX9."

At this point DirectX 10 and Vista have been out long enough for this not to be too shocking a blow, but it's worth remembering that there's still an awful lot of gamers out there who run on Windows XP or with DirectX 9 hardware. Check the Steam Hardware Survey if you don't believe us, as it shows that only a quarter of the systems using Steam (which is more than 15 million PCs) have DirectX 10 hardware.

Are you one of those gamers who'll need to upgrade if they want to play Stormrise? Let us know in the forums.
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