Steam Summer Sale and bonus adventure begins

Written by David Hing

June 20, 2014 | 10:25

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The Steam Summer Sale kicked off last night, launching proceedings with deep discounts on a range of titles including Day Z, Dead Rising 3, Far Cry 3 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

For this round of wallet-assaulting bargains, the Steam Sale will include a ‘bonus summer adventure’, a mini-game giving Steam users a chance to win more trading cards and games entered on their wish lists. Users are grouped into one of five teams and after each day, the team with the most points will have a chance to win free games.

When one of the summer adventure teams wins, 30 members of that team who contributed points will win three games from their Steam wishlist and anyone else who contributed points for the day will get an additional two summer sale trading cards.

A series of 10 sale-specific Steam trading cards have also been introduced with incentives for collecting these including emoticons, profile backgrounds and in-game items for a range of free-to-play titles.

Like in previous sales, the main games on offer will be refreshed every 24 hours and Flash sales will change every eight. Steam community directed sales have also returned but unlike previous years, these allow users to vote for a set of four games that will go on sale as opposed to just one.

The Steam Summer Sale runs until June 30.
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