Valve launches Steam user reviews

Written by David Hing

November 26, 2013 | 09:44

Tags: #beta

Companies: #steam #valve

Valve has added a user-generated-review section to its digital distribution service, Steam.

Currently in beta, the section lets Steam users rate any game that they have played and also leave feedback on the reviews of other users. In a feature similar to social networks, users can also follow reviewers they like.

Although a review can be submitted after simply launching a game, the review will also show how many hours the reviewer has logged on the game through Steam before reviewing it.

Additionally, developers will actually have an opportunity to respond. If a game's developer responds to a review for a game that they have worked on, the comment will be flagged up as being from the developer.

The reviews do not currently culminate in a numerical score or starred rating of any kind, although Valve is considering adding this further on down the line once the company has gathered and evaluated initial data from the reviews.

These reviews will be included alongside Metacritic data in the games' entry in the Steam store.

The review feature will replace the recommendations that Steam users can write to people on their friends list. All existing recommendations have been upgraded to reviews instead, although are currently only visible to friends.

Recently, Valve unveiled plans for a line of 'Steam Machines', micro-consoles manufactured by third parties running SteamOS. The devices will be aiming for a 2014 release and beta tests are expected to start by the end of this year.
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