Steam could soon launch a loyalty scheme

Written by Jennifer Allen

May 12, 2020 | 15:00

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It looks like Steam will soon have a loyalty reward scheme if some detective work by SteamDB is anything to go by.

Thanks to the work of Pavel Djundik, the developer behind SteamDB, evidence of a loyalty rewards scheme has been found hidden amongst some code strings. The developer posted about it on Twitter explaining how the system appears to be point-based while also including reward items, the chance to redeem points for badge levels, and the possibility of exclusive game discounts. 

Obviously, this is all unconfirmed as of yet but leaks surrounding Steam tend to wind up being true, especially stemming from SteamDB. Only last week, the site suggested that Yakuza: Like a Dragon would be announced and it subsequently was via the Xbox Series X unveiling a few days later. Also, Valve has certainly shown interest in experimentation over the years. Remember when trading cards seemed like an unlikely reality? 

Alongside the more profitable side of things, Djundik also uncovered evidence of some tweaks to the user review system. Additional reactions could be available including the likes of 'deep thoughts', heartwarming', 'hilarious', 'hot take' and 'poetry'. We're particularly fascinated to see where using 'poetry' would be most appropriate for.

Given the phenomenal success of Steam, a loyalty rewards scheme could be a huge help for many. We can all tentatively hope that it's something like Nintendo's eShop reward system which works out quite profitable for users, but we suspect it's more likely to be a bit more frugal than this. Anything too generous would cost Valve a fortune, but something is better than nothing for regular users. It's sure to entice you into developing that backlog even further. 

Djundik has been busy when it comes to uncovering Steam related leaks. He's also suggested that the Steam Summer Sale will begin on 25th June and end on 9th July. It's almost tradition now that the Steam Summer Sale dates are leaked around now so we were about due such an announcement. 

Maybe a loyalty scheme will launch just in time for the sale? Keep your eye on users that have the Steam Client beta. We suspect that's where it'll be available first. 

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