Star Citizen crowdfunding total hits $35million

Written by Edward Chester

December 23, 2013 | 16:09

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Star Citizen the upcoming space trading and combat game has already broken all records for crowdfunding totals but now in a post on the company's website its CEO has confirmed the company has now raised US$35million.

The new figure follows the announcement of new stretch goals after the game reached its previous high of US$33million towards the end of November. And now yet more stretch goals have been added with the Tamsa and Tanga star systems coming into play at $36million and $37million respectively.

Following November's announcement 6,617 new backers came forward with extra funds, making the total number of backers announced so far 330,000. That actually amounts to over $100 per backer - far more than any buyer would normally be spent on a AAA game.

Designer Chris Roberts has posted on the company's website describing the details of this latest update.

"Wow! When I started this journey I would have never guessed that we would have come so far in such a short time. $35M in funds raised to build Star Citizen before the end 2013 it truly a monumental achievement! You’re not just re-writing the rules of how games are made and funded but you’re showing the power that a committed community has to achieve a vision that so many people said was no longer relevant. You’ve broken every record there is in crowd funding – and not just for games – for any type of project!

Star Citizen will eventually be a highly detailed, vast space trading game with combat and socialising elements, and even talk of incorporating citizenship rules such as paying tax.

It is being developed in a modular fashion with the first portion of the game already completed. This consists of a hangar module that allows the player to store and view their ships, with future updates adding the ability to upgrade and modify them. Following this a dogfighting module will be added, then a social module, a persistent universe and so on.

Bit-Tech forum members have already formed there own 'Bit-Sec' fleet with many members having also donated to the development fund. Checkout the thread on our forums for more.

Have you backed Star Citizen? What do you think of progress so far?
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