Sony, Blizzard and Turbine sued over patent

Written by Joe Martin

September 17, 2009 | 12:58

Tags: #patent #wow

Companies: #blizzard #jagex #sony #turbine

Turbine, the developer behind Dungeons & Dragons Online, has become embroiled in a whole new legal snafu in addition to suing (and being sued by) Atari over problems with the aforementioned game. The developer is now also being sued for patent infringement.

Turbine isn't the only defendant in the case either; Blizzard, Sony, NCSoft and Jagex are all being targeted in a case filed by Paltalk Holdings Inc.

The patent in question is a typically ambiguous one too, covering the basics of how multiple players in diffferent locations can still see the same events in real-time, according to The Boston Globe.

Paltalk apparently bought the patents in 2002 and has previously reached a successful settlement with Microsoft, who were alleged to have infringed the patent in Halo. The fact that Microsoft came to a settlement back in March will potentially make it a lot harder for the defendants to dispute the case.

While Turbine is being targeted over D&D Online, Sony is being sued over EverQuest, Blizzard for World of Warcraft, NCSoft for Guild of Heroes and Jagex for Runescape.

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