Six Days in Fallujah dev hasn't given up

Written by Joe Martin

April 29, 2009 | 11:59

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Atomic Games has said that it was very much surprised by Konami's decision to withdraw from publishing Six Days in Fallujah, but that it is still very optimistic for the future of the project.

The game, which is based on the stories of marines who were present at the Battle of Fallujah, was unexpectedly dropped by publisher Konami earlier this week - leaving Atomic Games apparently without a route to market. Konami claimed that it had abandoned the game after a massive negative reaction to the game in the US (the only territory for which it had been announced).

Critical reaction based on previews of the game had been poor in some cases too, with some American journalists saying that although the game claimed to be realistic and true to the events it was in actual fact little more than a Gears of War clone - something which bordered on irresponsible in the eyes of some. The issues of civilian casualties were also apparently not presented in the game, despite the specific importance of the topic when it comes to the Battle of Fallujah.

Despite the reaction of press and consumers though, Atomic Games told Develop that it was very surprised when Konami dropped the game and that the developer had only been informed of the fact a few days before.

Atomic President Peter Tamte said that the team was still very optimistic for the project though and that the company still hoped to finish the game, though he fell short of saying whether development was still on-going or not. If the team cannot find a new publisher though then the only hope for the game would be for Atomic to risk self-publishing.

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