Sega: PC market is bigger than you think

Written by Joe Martin

April 1, 2010 | 11:01

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Sega may have built it's reputation with consoles like the Mega Drive and through console games like Sonic, but it's actually gone on to become one of the most important and biggest PC publishers of recent years - a market which Sega's UK director John Clark says is a lot bigger than is often reported.

In fact, Clark reckons that many of the facts and figures that publishers rely on to understand the PC platform may be a bit misleading because they often don't take digital distribution fully into account.

The PC market is third in terms of its year-on-year performance with a decline of 26 per cent, but this doesn’t really reflect the full picture,” said Clark in a comment to MCV.

The PC digital download business is now a viable sector but somewhat invisible as it’s not yet covered by Chart-Track. The PC market overall is actually performing much better than is currently reported and remains a vital and strong sector to be involved in.

Sega as a company may not be synonymous with the PC, but it's important to remember that the publisher owns developer Creative Assembly, who put out the Total War titles. They also publish Football Manager and the Aliens vs. Predator games.

Napoleon: Total War, Football Manager 2010 and Aliens vs Predator are three different styles of game from three different genres. They can all drive a strong, community fan base with the ability to consistently deliver endless hours of gameplay. Incidentally, they are all developed in the UK."

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