Remedy says no to Quantum Break multi-GPU support

April 14, 2016 | 14:50

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Remedy has apologised for issues encountered by gamers picking up its latest title, Quantum Break, and has issued a list of problems it is looking to fix - but warns that a lack of support for multi-GPU rigs isn't among them.

The Windows port of Quantum Break, Remedy's latest title, has been lambasted for poor performance and a range of glitches when compared to its Xbox One release. 'We are aware that some players are facing issues with the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break and some extent on Xbox One. We want to let you know that we are working diligently with Microsoft Studios on addressing all the feedback,' a Remedy spokesperson has claimed in response to community unrest. 'We want to thank our fans again for all their continued support for Remedy and apologise for any problems you have faced playing Quantum Break. We are paying close attention to forums and the discussion online about Quantum Break and are doing our best to solve the issues you are experiencing.'

Issues confirmed as in-the-works include: frame-rate stutters, which the company claims will be resolved in a patch to be released 'in the near future;' general performance issues in particular with a sudden drop in performance caused, the company claims, by fragmentation of video memory which can be 'fixed' by exiting and restarting the game; launch crashes, which will be addressed in 'a future title update;' a lack of graphics options, including the ability to disable film grain; and an explanation of how the rendering system works, which is to use an internal set of buffers which equal only two-thirds of the chosen output resolution - helping to explain a lack of sharpness in the final image.

While fixes for some of the game's biggest technical issues are under way, there is bad news for anyone who has splashed out on a multi-GPU gaming setup: Quantum Break will never support CrossFire or SLI. 'Quantum Break on Windows 10 unfortunately doesn’t support DirectX 12 multi-GPU rendering,' the team explained. 'Due to the engine architecture, the work needed to support multiple GPUs would have been significant and out of scope for Remedy for Quantum Break.'

Remedy has not issued a timescale for release of patches to the game.
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