Quake Live open beta starts tomorrow

Written by Joe Martin

February 23, 2009 | 11:45

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Companies: #id-software

id Software has announced that it will begin the open beta phase of Quake Live tomorrow, giving anyone who wants to play a chance to get stuck into the game.

Ostensibly, Quake Live is a streamlined version of Quake 3: Arena that runs in a browser and is available for free. id Software is hoping that the entire game can be financed by advertising around the game, thus negating a need for microtransactions or subscription fees.

In preparation for the open beta launch, all player accounts that were started in the closed beta phase are going to be wiped though. All current statistics from accounts not active in the last month will be wiped, according to Eurogamer. Player names and settings will remain though and id Software has pledged this is the last time it'll happen.

id Software is hoping that the low-end requirements for Quake Live, as well as the fact that it's based on Quake 3 (by far the most popular multiplayer game in the series) should mean that the game becomes a resounding success with cheap gamers who fancy some free frags.

Anyone interested in Quake Live, which was originally titled Quake Zero, can find extra information on the game, as well as open beta applications, over on the official website.

Are you planning on having a go at Quake Live, or would you prefer to see Doom Live instead? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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