Planescape: Torment released on GOG

Written by Joe Martin

September 29, 2010 | 11:03

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Good Old Games has finally bought Planescape: Torment to its digital catalogue, charging $10 for a DRM-free, updated and super-compatible version copy of what we think is unarguably one of the best RPGs of recent years.

Based in the Dungeons and Dragons Planescape setting, Torment casts players as an immortal character who wakes up in the city morgue with no memory of who he is and only a talking, floating skull for company.

Setting out to piece together your identity, you gradually attract a team of similarly disturbed heroes and the further you progress into the game the more the focus is put on solving the personal and philosophical troubles of your team than on combat. Especially since you can't die.

Release back in 1999 by Black Isle Studios, PS:T was published by Atari an built on the same Infinity Engine that Bioware used for the Baldur's Gate games - the first of which was also added to GOG.

Good Old Games, which recently relaunched after a fake-closure, has packaged a bunch of goodies with the game, including the little-known tie-in novel and the soundtrack.

In case we hadn't made it clear, we absolutely love Planescape: Torment and, while the early levels aren't easy to like, if definitely ranks up there with the likes of Deus Ex as a PC classic. We've previously included it in our Best Games You've Never Played list.

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