PC gaming is on the rise according to JPR research

Written by Jennifer Allen

July 8, 2020 | 11:00

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Research by Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has found that the PC gaming hardware market is enjoying a boom globally thanks to, you guessed it, the COVID-19 pandemic.

A regular study by the research and consulting firm, this time round, things are looking very good for the industry. The study believes that, predictably, the lockdown for many around the world has led to gamers upgrading and buying new PCs and hardware where possible. In a way, it's a curious juxtaposition to the threat of economic issues globally while many of those same people are furloughed, but we're assuming people are either throwing caution to the wind or digging into their savings right now. 

In the study, Ted Pollak, Senior Analyst for the Gaming Industry said, 'the PC Gaming Hardware market is in a rare scenario where every segment is going up. We see a lot of people buying and upgrading personal and company subsidised computers with better parts, with the intention of playing video games. In the Entry-Level, much of this revenue comes from new gamers.

The latter point being the most interesting one as it suggests a whole new wave of gamers out there. Indeed, the study predicts that the 2020 Entry-Level category is forecast to grow 21.7 percent which was previously completely unexpected. After all, being stuck indoors is the ideal time to get around to that hobby you've always meant to throw yourself into.

In a similar vein, the Mid-Range category has also seen an improvement after a recent downslide, with High-End gamers helping contribute to 1440p+ display sales and related upgrades that mean players can get the most from such high-end displays. 

JPR also cites the rise in racing simulation builds suggesting that many of these sim racers are new to the market and have been inspired by the growth in TV broadcasters airing sim racing events. 

On a rival note, President of JPR, Jon Peddie, explained how 'the total market is approaching $40 billion in 2020' but pointed out that its forecasts are being tempered for 2021 and beyond due to possible economic issues. Despite that, he predicts that there will be growth within PC gaming over the next five years. He also mentioned the importance of game recording and streaming products, along with studio quality cameras and microphones. 

A new generation of streamers as well as PC gamers may have just been born during this pandemic.

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