OnLive will work, says founder

Written by Joe Martin

April 2, 2009 | 11:19

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Steve Perlman is one of the founders of the OnLive cloud computing system that was unveiled at the Game Developers Conference in America recently, so he's obviously very biased on the topic, but that hasn't stopped him declaring that the cynics are wrong. OnLive is a viable and workable product, he insists.

Chatting to the BBC recently, Perlman slammed a recent Eurogamer article about the system titled Why OnLive Can't Possibly Work as nothing but ignorant.

Perlman points to the article as an example of extreme and utterly uninformed cynicism, saying that none of those behind the article had ever used the OnLive system or had gone to any effort to try and understand it. The Eurogamer article put a lot of emphasis on how infeasible the video encoding system is, but Perlman says that it isn't an issue for OnLive as they won't do encoding in the usual way.

"It's a very ignorant article," Perlman said, claiming Eurogamer had conflated issues of frame rate and latency, which were actually independent factors.

Instead, if you want proof that the system is stable then Perlman suggests you take a look at the list of partners who have all used the system and given it a seal of approval; EA, Ubisoft, Take2, Eidos, Atari, Codemasters, Epic and THQ.

"We have nine of the largest game publishers in world signed up. They have spent several years in some cases actually going and reviewing our technology before allowing us to associate with their company names and allowing us to have access to their first-tier franchises."

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