Old Republic starts open testing

Written by Joe Martin

September 30, 2009 | 11:55

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Bioware has opened it's new Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, for a bout of public testing and begun inviting volunteers to help in shaping the game.

It's stressed however that this is a 'public test' and not a public beta as such - meaning that players may be asked to play with more specific elements or prototypes of the game's systems than those that would be traditionally seen in a beta. Or not - it really remains to be seen, but Bioware has steered away from using the word 'beta' at least.

You'll have to meet certain conditions for being considered obviously, such as being over 18 years old and having an active community account with Bioware, but if you meet the requirements then you can sign up at the official site.

Bioware is also stressing that this will be an extended test of the underlying systems and that fans shouldn't take the public nature of the testing as being indicative of an imminent release. This is Bioware's first MMO - they want to be sure they get it right.

The Old Republic is set in the main Star Wars universe obviously, but set long before the events of the films or the other Old Republic games. It also lets you play as smugglers, Jedi, Sith or bounty hunters, boasting a blend of singleplayer story in an MMO setting. It also has an incredibly cool trailer, which you can see here.

We're not usually the type to get excited over MMOs, but we'll admit to be quietly hopeful for how The Old Republic might turn out, but let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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