Nvidia promises Titanfall improvements

March 24, 2014 | 10:45

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Respawn Entertainment's mech-based first-person shooter Titanfall, based as it is on the ageing Source engine, might not be anyone's first choice for showing off just what modern PC gaming can do - but Nvidia has claimed it's going to get a lot better soon, promising 4K support and numerous tweaks for users of its GPUs.

Launched exclusively on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows, Titanfall is a multiplayer shooter which combines parkour-based on-foot combat with the ability to summon and pilot gigantic mechs dubbed Titans. Unlike previous titles like the well-regarded Mechwarrior series, these mechs play more like giant people than war machines, and come with heavy armour and armaments to help turn the tide of battle in your team's favour.

There's no denying that the PC port of the game, as per usual, is easily the best-looking of the bunch, despite its use of Valve's somewhat ageing Source engine. Nvidia and Respawn have broken cover to promise that things are going to get a lot better in the near future, thanks to the former company's GameWorks programme.

'We are working towards implementing several Nvidia GameWorks technologies that can make Titanfall look and play even better, including TXAA for high quality anti-aliasing and HBAO+ technologies for improved shadow details,' claimed Respawn's Vince Zampella of the partnership. 'We will also be working towards updates for SLI and 4k support to ensure a fantastic high end PC experience.'

The use of temporal anti-aliasing should mean a reduction in the flickering of edges and transparencies in motion, while horizon-based ambient occlusion plus will result in shadows that behave as you might expect when they encounter non-uniform objects in the game. The support for multi-GPU rendering via SLI will also be welcomed by those with such systems, who are currently restricted to using only a single GPU if they want to play the game.

Sadly, while Respawn has already sent a server patch for glitch fixing and balancing live, neither company has yet offered a release date for the Nvidia GameWorks update.
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