No Mafia 2 Collector's Edition for PC in UK

Written by Joe Martin

August 6, 2010 | 11:17

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2K Games has confirmed that it will not offer the PC Collector's Edition version of Mafia 2 for sale in the UK, even though it will be available in the US and some European territories.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Mafia 2's Collector's Edition will still be available within the UK, however.

According to Eurogamer, no explanation has been offered for the lack of a PC Collector's Edition in the UK.

Instead, PC gamers in the UK will have to make do with the standard retail copy or the internationally available 'Digital Deluxe' version which is available through Steam and other similar services.

The Digital Deluxe version of Mafia 2 contains a 'Made Man Pack', which unlocks two in-game cars and costumes, as well as a digital map, soundtrack and artbook. The Collector's Edition would feature hard-copies of all these items, plus a metallic SteelBook case for the game.

Mafia 2 is set for release on the 27th of August - you can check our Mafia 2 hands-on preview for more information about the game.

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