New Men of War multiplayer expansion revealed

Written by Joe Martin

August 20, 2009 | 20:11

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GamesCom 2009 During a meeting with 1C Publishing today we were all too happy to get a surprise unveiling sprung on us when a brand new expansion pack for current RTS favourite Men of War was suddenly put before us and we were told we were the first in the world to see it. Even better, 1C Publishing and Digital Mindsoft also said that the expansion would meet the demands of fans and be a multiplayer and co-op focused expansion.

The currently unnamed expansion doesn’t have a firm release date attached to it yet, but seems reasonably complete from what we saw and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it get released shortly after the first expansion, Red Tide.

A number of changes have been bundled in to the newest expansion too, including some unusual moves to make the game a little easier on newcomers and some rebalancing of units for multiplayer games. Lone infantry in particular have been hardened up to encourage players to use more advanced tactics, rather than just creating fleets of the biggest tanks available and rushing the enemy base.

Not that you’ll really be able to rush anywhere though – the new Skirmish mode levels are absolutely massive and are littered with strategic checkpoints for you to capture as you go. Each flag you take control of during the level will unlock specific bonuses for your team too, with the closest flags to your base providing fresh resources and the central flags of the map unlocking advanced abilities and units. The idea is that the more you advance through a level the more momentum you can gain and the harder you are to repel, but at the same time you’re not able to immediately rush the enemy.

All of the new Skirmish missions can be played in singleplayer too by the looks of things, but there’s a special Hard mode for expert players that ups the difficulty considerably and is only playable in co-op.

The multiplayer and co-op games aren’t skimping on features or graphics either, with advanced physics still having a huge effect on the game. At one point we saw an enemy plane get its wings shot off for example, sending it into a tailspin the finished with it demolishing half a house, quite beautifully.

We’re sure excited about getting our hands on some new Men of War levels, but let us know what your thoughts are in the forums.
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