Modern Warfare 2 has guns akimbo

Written by Joe Martin

August 27, 2009 | 14:58

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Developer Infinity Ward has confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will have dual-wield weapons for players to make use of, somewhat damaging the game's commitment to realism in the eyes of some gamers.

The confirmation comes from Infinity Ward's Community Manager Robert Bowling, who twittered that akimbo pistols would feature in the game recently after giving a presentation of Modern Warfare 2.

"Just walked off stage. Crowd was amazing, went insane chanting 'pick it up!' when I stumbled over dual-wield Deagles. lol - Akimbo confirmed," said Bowling.

The comment was later elaborated on in a post on the official forums, where Bowling tried to allay fears that akimbo pistols would be to ooverpowered.

"Now to calm some initial fears of 'OMG! Overpowered!'. Akimbo is limited and balanced, just like everything in the game. It's limited to side-arms, harder to aim than standard and you can't go ADS (aim down sights) since you have a weapon in each hand," he said. "So don't freak out before you see it in action."

When exactly fans might get a chance to see it in action wasn't made clear - but the release at least isn't too far off. Modern Warfare will be out on November 10th across all platforms, though it will cost you a pretty penny.

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