Telltale releases Minecraft: Story Mode details

July 6, 2015 | 12:27

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Telltale Games has revealed the first details about Minecraft: Story Mode, its narrative game series set in Mojang's now Microsoft-owned open-world voxel-based universe.

Announced back in September 2014, shortly after Microsoft bought franchise creator Mojang for $2.5 billion, Minecraft: Story Mode takes the mechanisms of the open-world game - much-loved for the very fact that there is no story, beyond that the players themselves choose to create - and places into the story-driven episodic format Telltale's previous titles. The result: a standalone entry in the series which Microsoft hopes will appeal to new gamers.

'The interactive storytellers at Telltale are giving players the chance to explore their own unique interpretation of the Minecraft universe,' claimed Owen Hill, chief word officer at Mojang. 'They've crafted a story that follows the logic of Minecraft, but still manages to feel original. It's actually pretty funny too. And the pig is adorable. We're super excited about players digging deeper into the world of Minecraft: Story Mode later this year.'

The game is set to star protagonist Jesse, played by popular actor Patton Oswalt, who leads a team of friends recreating the adventures of the Order of the Stone and the slaying of an Ender Dragon, only to discover something terrible which can only be resolved by finding the original members of the Order. Other voice actors confirmed for the game are Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Billy West, and Paul Reubens.

'We've worked closely with the amazing team at Mojang to ensure this story is a natural fit for the Minecraft world fans already know and love,[/i']' claimed Kevin Bruner, chief executive and co-founder of Telltale Games, of the partnership. '[i]As Jesse, players will steer their own path through a tale of adventure and survival; all brought to life by an all-star cast. Through Telltale's choice-based gameplay and a story spanning from the Nether to the Farlands, the End, and beyond, we can't wait for fans to experience this new take on the beloved world of Minecraft.'

At the same time, Microsoft announced a Windows 10 version of Minecraft, due to launch in beta alongside Windows 10 later this month. Based on the Pocket Edition, the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft includes local and online multiplayer across Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions, multiple input support including controllers, and GameDVR recording.

Minecraft: Story Mode is due to launch later this year on Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Telltale's trailer is reproduced below.

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