Microsoft to buyout EA?

Written by Joe Martin

September 24, 2009 | 10:58

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Rumours are currently flying all over the blogosphere and financial pages that Microsoft is preparing to swoop in and wholly buy-out Electronic Arts, the second largest publisher-developer in the business.

Before we go any further though, it's worth pointing out that Microsoft has emphatically and clearly denied all such rumours, saying plainly and officially that it has absolutely no plans to buy-out Electronic Arts.

Still, it's a juicy rumour and it's been picked up by a number of financial journals, according to Reuter. Electronic Arts' stock has also shot up in value as the chat continues to grow.

"There's talk that Microsoft might be interested in acquiring Electronic Arts. It's unsubstantiated chatter, but it's out there," said an options strategist at in a comment to Reuters.

Electronic Arts' stock value has soared in the wake of this unsubstantiated and apparently nonsense nattering, climbing 8.1 percent to $20.01 on the Nasdaq in the last 24 hours.

Microsoft has benefited from the chatter too, with stock on the Nasdaq climbing by 1.1 percent to $26.05 in the same period. Obviously, people think it's better for EA to be bought than it is for Microsoft to buy.

Electronic Arts has yet to offer any official comment, but Microsoft has reaffirmed it's lack of intent several times. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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