Mass Effect 2 teased in new trailer

Written by Joe Martin

February 23, 2009 | 10:52

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BioWare has finally released the first footage of Mass Effect 2 in a new teaser trailer this weekend, which you can watch below, along with two bits of concept art for the next game in the planned trilogy.

Disappointingly (but predictably), there's no actual gameplay footage to be seen in the trailer - just a ominous looking Geth footsoldier and a few status updates that list Shepherd, the player character from the first game, as KIA.

What exactly that might mean for the upcomign RPG sequel isn't exactly clear, though we do know from BioWare's previous comments that Mass Effect 2 will be a much darker game. Apparently it'll also focus on the continuing theme of what it means to be alive and at what point a technology can be classed as such.

"How does synthetic life or intelligence compare to real-, true-life or organic life?" said a BioWare developer in a leaked documentary. "How do you cross those boundaries, can we cross those boundaries, should we cross those boundaries? We really want to push into that direction."

If you're interested in knowing what was featured in the first game then you can check out our full Mass Effect PC review for details, or the Xbox 360 review if you prefer.

Check out the trailer below, then let us know what you think in the forums.

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