Left 4 Dead 2 announced

Written by Joe Martin

June 1, 2009 | 20:57

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The announcements for new games are coming thick and fast at E3 2009 this year but Valve may have the best announcement of all, with the reveal that Left 4 Dead 2 will be with gamers by the end of the year.

There aren't a huge amount of specifics on the game at this point, but it is confirmed that it'll have new locations, new survivors, new boss zombies, new weapons...new everything, really.

"A large part of how Left 4 Dead became 2008's top-selling new IP on Xbox 360 and the PC was the custom-tailored gameplay made possible by the AI Director," said Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve. "With the knowledge gained from creating the original, new technology, and a passionate team, L4D2 will set a new benchmark for cooperative action games."

Among the new weapons are a bunch of new melee-focused items, including a chainsaw, frying pan, axe and baseball bat according to early reports. Melee will reportedly play a much bigger role than it did in the original Left 4 Dead and the co-op system is also promised to be deeper and more interesting.

The AI Director software is also being updated for the new game, with the new system able to control every aspect of the game and not just the zombies. Procedurally generated weather effects, sound effects, pathways through levels and placement of world objects now all fall under the AI Director's reign. RockPaperShotgun were apparently in on the announcement and have already got a bunch of details too numerous to list here.

The game is also said to be much larger than the original, with much more support for all three game modes and much more replayability. The game will remain as a PC and Xbox 360 exclusive, just like the original.

Sounds like Valve has really gone to town on the new game - but could it be too much, too soon? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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