JPR report points to record-breaking gaming PC market growth

January 23, 2017 | 11:26

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Although the general-purpose PC market continues to slide, albeit increasingly slowly, there's hope on the horizon for vendors: The PC gaming hardware market has topped £24 billion for the first time.

In its latest report on the market, analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has shone a light on a market doing a roaring trade - despite a five-year slump in the PC market as a whole and increased competition from the latest games consoles. In its report summary, JPR reveals a milestone figure: Global sales of gaming PCs, gaming-centric hardware, and gaming-related accessory devices topping $30 billion (around £24 billion) for the first time in the market's history - and with a predicted growth rate of six percent through 2019.

'Global consumers continue to embrace the PC platform for video games due to multiple factors. The desktop ergonomic is popular because the display distance offers increased detail when using HD and UHD monitors. Additionally there is superior control with mouse and keyboard control interfaces. This has been validated with eSports overwhelmingly being played on PCs,' wrote JPR's senior game industry analyst Ted Pollack of his findings. 'Additionally, product designers have given PC gamers thousands of options for complete customisation from a functionally and aesthetic perspective. Examples of this include dedicated driving and flight systems, multi-display setups, super-powerful graphics boards, and a wide selection of gaming notebooks ranging from desktop substitutes to innovative “thin and light” offerings. Liquid cooling, lighting, solid state drives, genre specific gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, notebook graphics amplifiers, and Xbox accessory compatibility offer gamers more choices than they have ever had.'

The bulk of the market, JPR's research claims, can be found in the higher end of the market with 43 percent of the revenue from big spenders splashing out on top-end hardware. Entry-level hardware, by contrast, accounts for a claimed 22 percent of the market, with the remaining 35 percent coming from mid-range gamers.

'Nvidia and AMD are not ignoring these [entry-level] customers [...] and offerings like the GTX 1050 bring powerful graphics processing for around $120. We are also very excited about the prospects for the AMD Ryzen CPU platform and think it will be adopted at all three hardware tiers,' claimed company president Jon Peddia. 'Of course, Intel CPUs currently offer superior power and value for gamers of every budget level, and their integrated graphics now rival game consoles.'

The full report is available to download from JPR, but only for those paying $7,500 to $15,000 in order to purchase access.
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