Jonathan Blow lowers Braid PC price

Written by Joe Martin

February 19, 2009 | 10:12

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Just yesterday Stardock and Jonathon Blow confirmed that the PC version of XBLA indie puzzler Braid would be priced at $19.95 USD on Stardock's Impulse platform. Now though the developer has stepped in and lowered the price to $14.95.

What's more, Blow has confirmed that the game won't be an Impulse exclusive either. He's apparently signed it with two other online distributors who just haven't announced the release yet. He isn't confirming anything, but the smart money is on those platforms being Valve's Steam and Penny Arcade's Greenhouse.

According to Blow though, the reason that he's lowered the price (a decision that Stardock at least has immediately honoured) is because he just doesn't care about that extra $5 and doesn't want it to be a barrier to potential players.

"I don't care that much about the PC release price," Blow said on his official blog, rather candidly. "The XBLA version was nicely profitable, and my goal with the PC release is mainly to get the game out to a wider audience."

"Sure, it would be nice to earn the optimal amount of money from that release - I have interesting ideas for games that I want to make in the future, and making games is very expensive, and I will probably have to hire people to help! But ultimately, I would rather have people talking about the game itself, what they like and dislike about it, than about how many American Fiat Currency Dollars it costs," Blow continued.

Well, Blow's definitely got part of his wish already as we've been raving about it ever since the Xbox 360 release. Check the full Braid review and Joe's extended ramblings to see why we think it was one of the best gaming moments of 2008, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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