Infinity Ward may not develop Modern Warfare 3

Written by Joe Martin

January 8, 2010 | 13:04

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File this away inside your head as a rumour for now, but sources close to Activision are claiming that Infinity Ward may not be developing the inevitable Modern Warfare 3, according to VG247.

Instead, anonymous sources cited by the site indicate that Infinity Ward are starting work on an entirely new IP and that Modern Warfare 3 may have been handed to the unnamed third team said to have become attached to the franchise - i.e., not the other Call of Duty developer, Treyarch.

The sources are totally anonymous and none of the studios have yet commented on the story, so it's not a rumour which we'd suggest totally buying into just yet, though the idea does make sense.

Hypothetically, the move could allow the now well-know Infinity Ward to create another, new IP while the sure-selling Modern Warfare 3 could also be in the pipeline somewhere else, crucially without the involvement of Treyarch.

What exactly Treyarch and Infinity Ward may go on to do is unclear, but rumours of a Call of Duty: Online title are still rife.

Again though, there's absolutely no confirmation or firm credibility yet attached to this rumour, plausible as it sounds.

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