Humble Indie Bundle 6 opens for business

September 19, 2012 | 10:14

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Jeffrey Rosen's Humble Bundle, the staggeringly successful collection of independently-developed cross-platform games which generates a not-inconsiderable income for the developers, selected charities and Rosen himself, has launched a new deal for Torchlight, Shatter, Rochard, Vessel, and Space Pirates and Zombies.

As usual, buyers are asked to name their price for the five games, which are provided DRM-free for Windows, OS X and Linux. Keys for redemption on Steam, for those who would like to keep all their purchases in one easy-to-remember location, are also available for anyone spending more than $1 on the bundle.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 includes something for everyone, it seems: Torchlight is an excellent Diablo-style action RPG, while Rochard is a science fiction platformer. Shatter is a physics-based evolution of the Breakout concept with an impressive soundtrack, while Space Pirates and Zombies is a top-down space combat sim that should appeal to fans of the recently-reviewed FTL. Finally, Vessel is a steampunk-themed puzzle platformer.

In true Humble Bundle tradition, there's yet more: anyone beating the average price - which stands at a bargain-basement $5.74 at the time of writing - will also receive acrobatic platformer Dustforce. Soundtracks for all games are also available.

Before you head over with your credit card at the ready, just one word of warning: the OS X and Linux versions of Vessel are still under development and are not yet available, with the Humble Bundle team promising to get the files on the site within the next few days.

Thus far, the Humble Bundle project has raised a whopping $6,700,000 for charities including games-for-hospitals project Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and with sales of the latest bundle already approaching $800,000 that's a figure which is likely to rise significantly before the two-week sales period is over.

More details on the bundle are available on the official website, or if you need further convincing as to the quality of the games try this little trailer video:

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