Human Revolution's boss fights were outsourced

Written by Joe Martin

September 20, 2011 | 13:09

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Square Enix outsourced the boss sections of Deus Ex: Human Revolution away from the core development team at Eidos Montreal, it has emerged.

The boss fights, which were an almost universally panned flaw in an otherwise almost universally appreciated game, were developed by G.R.I.P Entertainment.

Below you can see a Behind the Scenes look at the development process for the boss fights, as originally reported by Game Informer.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently drew ire from fans when Square Enix issued a patch which added adverts into the game too.

You can read our Deus Ex: Human Revolution review for more information on the game, but it's definitely worth checking out the video below. In our opinion, everything you might want to know about why the boss fights contrast with the rest of the game is explained within.

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