Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas patch breaks game

Written by David Hing

November 11, 2014 | 12:56

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A patch for the much loved Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has rendered old save files useless, removed resolution options and cut 17 tracks from the game.

Affected save files start a new game as opposed to loading any progress, although this issue has not affected all players.

According to Rockstar Nexus, the PC patch was intended to add support for XInput controllers including the Xbox 360 controller, to enable mouse steering by default and to remove several songs, likely due to licensing issues.

The songs removed include Express Yourself, The Payback, Running Away and Running Down a Dream. The cut tracks were also absent from Xbox 360 and mobile ports of San Andreas which were released in October this year to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary.

The removal of supported resolutions, including 1920x1080, appears to be a bug reverting the game’s screen options to that it shipped with before a 1.01 patch. The patch has also caused several mouse issues for some players and has understandably destabilised several popular community-made mods.

PC fans will be hoping for a better treatment from Rockstar with Grand Theft Auto 5 which is due for a Windows release towards the end of January 2015, a full year and four months since its original September 2013 launch.
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