G2A announces VR title Blunt Force

December 21, 2016 | 11:12

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G2A, the company best known for creating a peer-to-peer marketplace for game keys of sometimes questionable origin, has announced that it is developing a first-party World War II game for virtual reality: Blunt Force.

Following the company's announcement two years ago that it was to build a virtual reality amusement park package, which is still listed as 'coming soon,' G2A's Blunt Force marks its first attempt at developing and publishing a first-party fully featured game title of its own. Set in World War II, Blunt Force is claimed by the company to feature two storylines running side-by-side: the first taking place before the war as an exploration game focused on world building, and the second a more traditional shooter split into arcade and challenge modes.

Interestingly, G2A has opted to hire some screenwriting talent for the game rather than go for the development method chosen by all too many VR specialists of the day of building a tech demo and calling it a game: Mark Bristol, whose credits include the recently released Battlefield 1 as well as Hollywood films Mission: Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow, and Maleficent, is to pen the story.

The game is to launch on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality platforms, with no news yet of any plans to release a PlayStation VR version, in episodic form starting some time next year. Pricing has not yet been revealed.
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