Gone Home creators unveil sci-fi themed Tacoma

December 9, 2014 | 12:04

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Fullbright, the studio behind the award-winning explore-'em-up Gone Home, has teased its second full game release: a science fiction title dubbed Tacoma which appears to owe a debt of gratitude to BioShock's environment design.

Launched in 2013 by a team comprised of former 2K Marin staffers responsible for BioShock 2 expansion Minerva's Den, indie title Gone Home proved divisive. The game was critically acclaimed, scoring an aggregated 86 on Metacritic from 54 reviews, but its lack of other characters, slow exploratory experience and absence of scoring led to accusations that it wasn't a 'real' game - accusations that didn't prevent it being awarded the 2013 BAFTA Video Game Award for Best Début Game and selling several hundred thousand copies so far.

Now, the Portland-based Fullbright has announced its second game: Tacoma. 'We’re SO EXCITED to get to finally announce what we’ve been working on! The game’s been in development since mid-May, though in July the game went through kind of a big change,' the team announced on the Fullbright blog. 'Originally it was called Tacoma because the game was going to take place in Tacoma, Washington. It was shaping up to be much more along the lines of what we’d already done. But I was hiking with my wife Rachel on Wizard Island (yes, really) when I had kind of an epiphany that with our next game we needed to push further from territory we’d already explored — and that discussion led to our next game being set on Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, situated at Lagrange Point 1 between the Earth and our moon.'

The move to a science-fiction setting includes visuals that are clearly inspired by the corridors of BioShock and its sequel, although with space rather than water on the other side of the glass. While the game is expected to be as exploration-focused as Gone Home, Fullbright is promising some new experiences including 'solving the problems of how story exploration gameplay works in microgravity.'

A video teaser for the title, which does not yet have a formal release date beyond 'coming 2016', is reproduced below.

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