First Max Payne 3 details emerge

Written by Joe Martin

June 10, 2009 | 12:14

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The first details on the new Max Payne game have begun to emerge finally, with the US magazine Game Informer set to have a cover feature on the game in the next few weeks and apparently getting a look at some of the changes that Rockstar have added since the last game.

The biggest change to the series will apparently be Max himself and, what with Max Payne 3 being set more than a decade after the last game, players can expect Max to be a lot different than his previous appearances - he's now bald, tubby, bearded and wearing a vest.

The setting for the game is also going to change radically too and, while there still aren't any specific story details released yet that might indicate who Max is fighting, we do know that the majority of the game will be set in Sao Paulo, Brazil - a far cry from the iced-over streets of New York.

Some aspects of the game are confirmed to be staying the same though, with the bullet time feature that first shot the series to mega-stardom being wholly intact according to early reports. While Max has definitely aged in the last ten years, it seems he's still fast enough to dodge a bullet.

Perhaps the most exciting update though is the rumoured inclusion of a new multiplayer element that'll allow players to go head-to-head with their chrome-domed, vomit-stained protagonists. While the updates to the setting and character are reasonably firm, it's worth stressing that multiplayer is still just a rumour for now.

The good news though is that Max Payne 3 is down for release before the end of the year, so more details on the game can't be that far away. We'll keep you posted, but until then let us know your thoughts about Max Payne 3 in the forums.
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