First art of Warren Spector's new Disney game?

Written by Joe Martin

July 29, 2009 | 11:16

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Warren Spector, best known for being the major creative force and lead designer behind Deus Ex, has been pretty secretive about his latest project over at Disney - but now it seems that the first pieces of concept art are starting to emerge at last.

The concept art in question (which comes via Kotaku) is from the sites of artists Gary Glover and Fred Gambino. It's unconfirmed at the moment how attached Fred and Gary are to Disney's secret project, but the artwork ties in closely with rumours about Spector's game and an old Gamasutra look at the game. Some of the art is also labelled with the codename for Spector's latest project - Epic Mickey.

Beyond the name and the concept art very little is known about what Epic Mickey might finally turn out to be, but Spector is a vocal and long-time fan of Disney's and has occasionally hinted that the game will not be at all what people expect from him based on his past work in computer games, which is mainly focused around the Ultima and Deus Ex franchises.

It is heavily rumoured though that Spector's Junction Point Studios, which was bought out by Disney not long ago, is creating a platform game that may be a remake of the classic Castle of Illusion.

If true then it looks like Spector will be taking things in a radical new direction, with much of the art having obvious steampunk influences and a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel. Some of the art shows clockwork-robot interpretations of Goofy, as well as semi-demolished beachheads strewn with Disney memorabilia. You can see our favourite bit of concept work below.

You really should check out the official sites for more info - even if the concepts turn out to be a fantastic coincidence then the artwork is still astounding. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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