Fans angry with Rust dev for working on other games

Written by David Hing

July 29, 2014 | 10:42

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Fans of early access open-world survival title Rust were angered by the game’s developer announcing a prototype for a new game.

The new game is called Riftlight, an arcade style space shooter. The fact that Rust is still in Early Access on Steam and is unfinished has made several fans question the move made by developer Facepunch, feeling that Rust should be finished before it works on anything else.

A blog post from Garry Newman of Facepunch highlighted some of the more colourful comments the company had received since making the announcement. Reactions including calling the developers lazy, criticising the early access business model and of course typing in caps lock.

’Are we crazy? Are we doing it wrong? Should every person in the company be working on the same thing? Should HBO make one TV show at a time? Should Warner Brothers make one movie at a time?’ said Newman. He adds that the company is not requesting funding for this and three other prototypes that it is currently working on and is instead funding this through what Rust and Garry’s Mod have earned for the company.

Talking to Kotaku, the developer clarified that only 0.04% of revenue from Rust went towards prototype development and out of the studio’s staff of 25, five of them are working on non-Rust projects.

‘I am guessing that a lot of game developers bigger and smaller than us have multiple prototypes in the works, but they aren't showing them to you. The only thing that makes our situation remarkable is that we're willing to talk about our process and show our experiments,’ added Newman.

Facepunch’s strategy in developing new prototypes even when a title is in early access is far from unique. Double Fine did something very similar when it launched its Kickstarter campaign for Massive Chalice when development on Broken Age was still being carried out.
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