Expedition: Conquistador nears Kickstarter target

Written by Joe Martin

September 3, 2012 // 8:20 a.m.

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Copenhagen-based development studio is close to hitting the Kickstarter funding target for its new game, Expeditions: Conquistors - but with just nine days left to raise the final $15,000 the team still needs help.

Describing Expeditions as a "story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure", the team intends to use the raised money to create the final burst of content and release.

"We're not asking for a big amount in comparison to other games, simply because we've already got a working game. We already have the core mechanics; the trading system, the combat system, the dialogue system..." said producer Ali Emek.

Expeditions: Conquistador is, as the name suggests, an exploration-heavy game set in a newly discovered America. It features turn-based, hex-based combat and wider strategy elements that let you decide how to settle the New World.

"We want to make a very deep game - a game that has that replay value," said Creative Director Jonas Waever, who's previously worked on the ambitious Nameless Mod for Deus Ex. "We want a game where you'll come back to it two, three, four times."

With a goal of raising $70,000 in just 30 days, Logic Artists is already admirably close to that their target, but are in danger of missing it by a fraction. By the rules of Kickstarter, they'll get no funds at all unless they hit their minimum target.

Check out the official trailer below, then head over to the Expedition: Conquistadors Kickstarter page to check out the backer rewards. Let us know what you think in the forums.

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