Erotic game booted off Greenlight

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September 5, 2012 | 09:21

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Indie developer No Reply Games has had its debut title, an adult game titled Seduce Me, kicked off Steam Greenlight.

The game was submitted to Valve's crowd sourced Steam approval platform when the service first launched last Thursday. According to the developers it was taken down 'almost straight away'.

Seduce Me is based on the lives of American socialites and celebrities with a focus on decadence and glamour. It describes itself as an erotic title with light strategy gameplay. Its Greenlight page has now been replaced with a message stating that it has violated the terms of service for the platform.

'The gaming establishement is fine with violence and gore, but is uncomfortable with sexual themes,' added No Reply Games co-founder Andrejs Skuja.

In its 'about' section, Greenlight states that it will restrict titles that contain offensive material but does not define what it means by offensive, nor does it explicitly prevent any titles of an adult nature being submitted.

'Many people still view games as for children, ins spite of the fact that the average gamer is 30 years old,' said No Reply Games co-founder Miriam Bellard.

Steam Greenlight launched last week and currently has more than 750 titles awaiting approval. Shortly after its launch, Valve started banning Steam users who were flooding the platform with fake projects.

Speaking to Kotaku, Valve spokesperson Doug Lombardi stated that 'Steam has never been a leading destination for erotic material' and that Greenlight does not intend to change that.

No Reply Games founders Skuja and Bellard previously worked for Killzone developer Guerrilla Games. The developers are intending to release Seduce Me in November this year.
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