Epic Games announces Paragon free open beta

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June 10, 2016 | 16:17

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Epic Games has announced that a Paragon free open beta will go live starting Tuesday August 16, whilst also revealing a new playable hero character: Khaimera.

The Unreal Engine 4 based 'explosive' third person MOBA open beta will be available on both Windows PCs and PlayStation 4 consoles. Interestingly, the upcoming open beta will feature many tweaks and changes to the gameplay based on feedback from Early Access gamers.

Over a million players have signed up and taken part in Paragon beta tests and Early Access programs since last year. If you are one of these early adopters, don't worry about the big changes coming; your account XP won't be reset. As we wait for the open beta, Epic says that 'a whole host of improvements,' are scheduled for the coming weeks.

The first of the big tweaks on the way concerns the 'MOBA feel of our game,' writes Cameron Winston on the Epic Games blog. He indicates that a more instinctive yet strategic flavour needs to be infused into the game. Particular attention is therefore being paid to map traversal: the game designers have decided to implement a teleport system. Purchase of upgrade cards and the use of P.O.D. (Power On Demand) modules are also under scrutiny, as are key game features such as card power sharing, match length and vision controls.

Epic has a plan for a new hero to be released every three weeks and has estimated there will be a total of 40 playable heroes in the game by September of next year. This initiative begins with the introduction of melee fighter Khaimera on June 21. Have a look at the Khaimera trailer below to see his killer pouncing and up-close fierce melee moves in action.

Epic says that in mid-August, when the free open beta starts, all 17 Paragon heroes including Khaimera will be playable. Recommended PC system requirements are modest as per the game FAQ.
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