Epic Games is now a publisher for three key game studios

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 30, 2020 | 11:00

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In a logical next move, Epic Games has declared it will become a publisher for three games companies, with plans for more in the future.

In an announcement late last week, the popular games developer declared that it's signed on Remedy Entertainment, best known for Quantum Break and Control in recent times, Gen Design, famous for the PlayStation 4's The Last Guardian, and Playdead which developed Limbo and Inside. 

Epic is keen to stress that it plans on being a little different from other game publishers, hoping to offer fairer terms and to be more focused on game creation. For instance, Epic will be covering 100 percent of the development cost for games the companies develop, while offering them a 50 percent cut on the profits for the game, once all development costs have been recovered. That's a much more charitable method than how most publishers do things, and it gets better. 

Throughout, developers maintain control of their IPs without having to worry about handing them over to a publisher. That's a big step forward for many developers and will no doubt seem very attractive. It almost sounds too good to be true but for now, there's no reason to doubt such claims. 

In the statement, Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, explained, 'we’re building the publishing model we always wanted for ourselves when we worked with publishers,' which does somewhat explain the generous offerings of the now publisher. Hector Sanchez, Head of Epic Games Publishing, re-iterated the plans, '[Gen Design, Remedy, and Playdead] will have full creative control, while Epic will provide a solid foundation of project funding and services.'

In the past, Epic has worked with Remedy Entertainment making Control an exclusive on its store until at least August so it makes sense to see the firm jump on board so quickly. Few details are offered on what's to come but Remedy has announced its new deal with Epic will cover its next two games - a 'AAA' multiplatform game and a smaller title that's placed in the same universe. Vague? Oh yes, but hardly surprising given Remedy's relatively secretive nature during early development. 

More information, partnerships, and games are set to be announced in the coming months. Keep your eye on Epic. A fundamental shift could be slowly happening. Or worst case, more timed exclusives. 

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