EA trademarks classic gaming titles

Written by Joe Martin

August 12, 2009 | 10:37

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Electronic Arts has filed a spate of new trademarks recently for a bunch of classic gaming licenses which are sure to get gamers excited and/or wary.

There are four trademarks in particular, all of which were picked up by superannuation on Tumblr - Theme Park, Populous, Wing Commander and Road Rash. Could remakes of these titles be on the way?

The timing of the trademarks is especially interesting for the former Bullfrog titles, Populous and Theme Park, as it was only yesterday that an EA spokesperson mentioned that the publisher would be interested in revisiting those licenses in the future. Things move fast in the games publishing world, it seems.

Electronic Arts hasn't yet commented on what it's exact plans for each franchise is and it's entirely likely that nothing will come of the trademarks either, but there have been constant rumours lately that a new Road Rash could be in the works, for example.

We'll let you know more when we have it, but for now it seems there isn't much more to go on other than the existence of these new trademarks and the deep-seated hope that somewhere, somewhen, somebody might make a semi-decent Wing Commander game again.

Which of those trademarks has you most excited? Let us know your thoughts on the forums.
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