EA's Origin to delete inactive accounts

Written by Joe Martin

August 3, 2011 | 10:48

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This article has been updated since publication.

The Terms of Service for Electronic Arts' new digital distribution platform, Origin, reveal that the publisher plans to purge inactive accounts - meaning users may lose their games and DLC.

Spotted by RPS, the clause in question claims that 24 months of inactivity lead to cancelled accounts and 'loss of entitlements'.

'If you have not used your Entitlements or Account for twenty four (24) months or more and your Account has associated Entitlements, your Entitlements will expire and your Account may be cancelled for non-use,' say the terms.

Entitlements are defined as 'paid and free downloadable content, unlockable content, digital and/or virtual assets, rights of use tied to unlock keys or codes, serial codes and/or online authentication of any kind, in-game achievements and virtual or fictional currency.'

Origin, which was announced earlier this year, is Electronic Arts' competitor to services such as Steam and GamersGate - a platform for selling and digitally delivering PC games.

We've contacted Electronic Arts for a comment on the matter, but until then let us know your thoughts in the forums.

UPDATE - 4 Aug 2011
Electronic Arts has issued the following statement to RPS, via EA's John Reseburg.

'The Origin terms of service are designed to protect against misuse of the Origin system. No Origin user who has paid entitlements and/or downloaded games will have their account cancelled or games expired due to extended non-use. The term regarding account cancellation for non-use is designed to guard against creation of non-active accounts for inappropriate reasons.'
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