GameSpy closure knocks EA classics offline

May 12, 2014 | 09:12

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Electronic Arts has provided a full list of its games that are going to be knocked offline when GameSpy's servers are finally shut off at the end of June - and it leaves some classic titles in the lurch.

GameSpy, a specialist multiplayer server provider, announced that it was closing down earlier this month following its decision to cease licensing its software to developers at the start of last year. The reasonably lengthy notice period has given developers the opportunity to seek new providers for future titles, but leaves previously-published GameSpy-powered games hanging - and EA has confirmed that it has found no solution to the problem.

'Since GameSpy's announcement, our teams have been working to evaluate options to keep services up and running. Unfortunately, due to technical challenges and concerns about the player experience, we do not have a solution at this time,' the company has confirmed in a statement. 'Online services for EA games on the GameSpy platform will be closed down at the end of June.'

The list of GameSpy-enabled games is long, and while you won't find any of EA's latest titles many are still popular. 'We know some of these games are still fan favourites, including Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor [sic]: Allied Assault and Command & Conquer games. We are still investigating community-supported options to preserve online functionality for these titles, such as multiplayer,' EA has claimed. 'Significant technical hurdles remain, and at this time we don’t have anything to announce.'

For now, then, it appears that a not-inconsiderable chunk of EA's back catalogue is to permanently and irrevocably lose multiplayer capability. A full list of games due to have their online components disabled - both those the direct result of the GameSpy closure and those shut down previously for other reasons - can be found on EA's official website.
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