DOTA 2 prize pool passes $8m

Written by David Hing

June 2, 2014 | 10:07

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The ever-growing prize pool for DOTA 2’s world championship tournament, The International 2014, has passed the $8m mark.

The tournament’s prize pool is being funded by sales of a The Compendium, a digital program for the event that is on sale to DOTA 2 players for $2.50. Sales will continue up until the tournament launches on July 18.

Interest in The International 2014 has already far surpassed the previous year’s tournament which saw a $2.8m prize up for grabs, a sum that was also assisted by the sale of Compendiums.

By passing the $8m mark, several stretch goals that were added once it passed $6m will be sent out to Compendium purchasers once they have finished being built. These include additional dialogue packs and updated models for the game’s huge roster of heroes.

Five more stretch goals have also been added for if the prize pool hits amounts between $8.4m and $10m. These include additional vanity features for players and access to an afterparty broadcast.

Qualification for The International 2014 has finished and the teams participating in the tournament include 2013 winners Alliance, 2012 winners Invictus Gaming, 2011’s champions Natus Vincere, Evil Geniuses, Mousesports and LGD Gaming.

DOTA 2 was given its full release in July 2013 and has risen in popularity to become the most actively played game on Steam with daily peaks of more than 800,000 concurrent users.
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